"I am what i am becoming."

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Cocoon waits on the leaf
to expand one day
and fly on wings
to the thrills and the thorns
to the jokes and the mourns
cocoon waits to crawl
and to the raise of storms
cocoon waits to grow strong
one day.

Our Lives

The ice melted in the jar
The rings of smoke went too far
The beer has a bitter taste
Feels all our lives are a waste

The music is too arousing
The feelings that are faded and weak
And all the dreams that we seek
Are out in open to be beaten and broken

Our horses are tied
Desires about to glide
The contradiction hurts
The pictures we painted went blurred

So the postevening goes for intoxication
To forget the pain we can't bear
To let echo the hymn just as we want to hear
In our lives in holes dreaming a day of no suffocation

Scattered all over the floor
Lie our stories, our cores
Calming down in the stupor of night
Fading away in dimming sight

Whether a walk down the street
Or moments shattered of grief
Wondering what makes our destiny
Value of our struggle in vanity

In this lull of the night
And the scorch of the day
We are dying together
on our mud, on this clay.