"I am what i am becoming."

Friday, February 22, 2008

Season Of Spring

Season of spring brought me the season of love
I met my old friend and the memories dove
I looked in her eyes, we smiled a reciprocating love
Hand in hands we sat together to see the world above

Years had passed since we last met she didn’t know what to say
Years I’ve suffered since then and I didn’t know what to tell
She heard my long silence and held me tight
I closed my eyes and she made every moment light

I sat close to her and the lovesome warmth I felt
She whispered with soothing voice and I heard the emotions melt
I gently put my head on her shoulders, heavily I breathe
While her curly tresses danced in beauty of zephyr breeze

With love, life and affection she filled my silent space
A caress touch of hers and all my pain effaced
I opened my eyes and gazed at her serene face
She smiled and I told her she occupies a special place

Till night we swung in thoughts and talks and bill and coo
And we dreamed of our world like the lovers usually do
And we talked and we laughed and we dropped the long held tears
And we shared and we lived and we hugged the long held love of years

Now I remember my love and I smile with life
She invigorated my being with a new life
Season of spring is the season of beauty, peace and love
Season of spring gave me back my long lost love.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lazy Dreams!

Mushy loose creature
Lying there on dull bed
Into the deep slumber
With thoughts entwined
And messed up wings
There you see
Me and my lazy dreams!

Everything gulped into silence
Black hole for love, logic and violence
Gravity for all with potential to fall
Unconscious conscience surrounded by high walls
There you see labyrinth lines
In-between lie unrecognized
Me and my lazy dreams!

Under the cover they lie evergreen
Opaque shell hides the humid realms
Far from reality breathe my dreams
Playing in my head with seasonal winds
Adrenalin my virtual nerves
And then they shine
Me and my lazy dreams!

Time and spaces with a deadline
But another minute of zizz is not a crime
Away from light and phenonmena of life
In a world of chaos- random and absurd
But somehow engraved in sands of peace
There lie woven in one all the piece
Me and my lazy dreams!

My sister says "sometimes you need just a word of awakening."
Seeking to escape through pacific mundaneness
With the hope of a vigrous shaking
Looking above with anticipating eyes
Into the skies sometimes they fly high
Just one word and life is nigh
For me and my lazy dreams!