"I am what i am becoming."

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Last Friend Of Mine

If this world starts to shake with tremors of apprehension
And all of a sudden crumbles under the weight of reasons
If i turn pale, grey, cold-a still of frozen expression
And if i break, put myselves down refusing to change with seasons
How long will you remember me?
Will you cry, will you laugh or will you just pass by?

Sometimes i wonder what am i worth?
Sometimes i wonder how it would have felt
The first breath after birth
They tell me not to get serious or weird but
Sometimes it doesn't seem to be a mirth
Sometimes i wonder if i'll ever be able to guess your girth

It's good it's blue, it's good it's you
I wish to walk the enlightened pace you do
But i wonder what after all i'll be running to?
I seem to be misled are you too? No.
Why some wishes are so easily washed away in roars?
Like the lines on the sands of shore.

You are the first and the last friend of mine
That's why i talk to you a lot
That's why i talk all that i feel and all i deal
Let's sit by the fireplace and have some wine
And in a classic conversation tell me all the secrets you've got
Tell me if it's all just illusion and pain or there is something real.

"You have got hidden tresures behind curtains of courage and painstaking."
"You have got life, the life you wish, life with purpose and awakening."
"You have got blissful love behind the walls of loss and misery."
"You have got journeys and voyages with breathtaking mysteries."
"But even when you are the first and the last friend of mine"
"I have to be fair it's not as easy as this fireplace and wine"

With the pleasure of wine the fire did extinguish with time
But after the long conversation my eyes did sparkle with shine
She wished me good luck and left
Now i knew her much better than i could have ever
What i have right now is all that i need to deserve and conquer
And yes i'll be remembered ever if i love her with love that could last forever!

I thank her everday
The first and the last friend of mine,
My love, my lover!


For Tomorrow

Someone said write your story
But i don't understand my glory
Hell there will be life one day
Not like the trance one today

Soar my voice soar
Let it grow to roars
And echo back to me
The mysteries i did unfold

May i see my blindness through
One day to the age of fire
And i shall lay my corpse
Like an effigy on the pyre

Destroy the heap for another leap
Because there must be lights one day
And i must stand in proud
To have lit the darkness of yesterday.