"I am what i am becoming."

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Just like a closed hidden box of feelings,
Somewhere in the eternity I lie.
I am a feeling that drives you crazy,
But you never know what it is like.

I lie ambiguously, somewhere in the space and time,
I am that very verse of the poem that you rhyme.

I am the pebble you lost as a kid and went insane,
You found hundreds of those but none were the same.

I am the description of the beautiful waterfall…
Which you have seen but you cannot recall.

I am the music that you keep murmuring,
But you don't know the words and keep wondering.

I am the reason that made you smile,
The reason that you forget after a while.

I am like the breeze come and gone,
That leaves you with warmth alone.

I am the moment that has just passed,
The moment that you now realize was vast.

I am just like your last sigh of relief
Which was nothing more, than a belief!!!