"I am what i am becoming."

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Purple Blaze

Point blank guessing what to do
As we cruise our way through
Every line tends to bend
This road doesn't seem to end.

Our smoke haloes the horizon
Evening marks the end of morning sun
But glances chase into the infinity
With hand of friend is hand of dignity

Its night but no darkness yet
Our words have no spaces left
Cross fades every voice in the song
Who believes in the haze of dawn?

In a shot i find the blend
Purple, sand, green and my friends
This pause has a dream in it
Scriptures might bring it.

On the lakes and on the peaks
Ducks, ferns, cold and fragility
Plunge into the pool of thoughts
And i recover the souls i have got.

With smile the story starts
Another trip of narration embarks
The ghosts and the gods pass
But every moment of enigma lasts.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Dark Times

Spending my days to bring faith in man of lost hope
Turn around watch the footsteps of your own battle
In an era that surpassed all the personal feelings
Died that man in his own venomous dealings

Never did the blaze glow like a glory
But fanning the flames i keep myself alive
Outrageous fury of time promised to keep driving
Only to strangle later kept piling beneath all the lies

Haunted by the horror of evanescent laughters
The echoes still silently persist in my life
The soul might have crawled out someday
But my senses impaired or didn't anymore exist

Out from the trash groans every album of destruction
Hanging loosely on the gallows the flesh is still breathing
And stoned by the prolonged sadness oh it's eyes
Still stare clueless to it's own ironic skies


One Way

Like the simmering lava
Baby takes breaths in bursts
A gasp in to this world
A sigh out to die
Life in installments
Brings more death than life
Just let her live
Or just let her die.

A world in murky silence of absence
A strength that buds more punishment
A complication of persistence
Lets alone the victor to graveyard
Sophistication of simplicity fails
A long way alone may lose on its own
Let it a home
Or just leave it alone.

An illusion of sickness
In a dream of freedom
A bird with no wings
In a cage with doors open
A run into resistance
Or rejection of existence
Let it be a strong truth
Or let it be a happy lie.