"I am what i am becoming."

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Cocoon waits on the leaf
to expand one day
and fly on wings
to the thrills and the thorns
to the jokes and the mourns
cocoon waits to crawl
and to the raise of storms
cocoon waits to grow strong
one day.

Our Lives

The ice melted in the jar
The rings of smoke went too far
The beer has a bitter taste
Feels all our lives are a waste

The music is too arousing
The feelings that are faded and weak
And all the dreams that we seek
Are out in open to be beaten and broken

Our horses are tied
Desires about to glide
The contradiction hurts
The pictures we painted went blurred

So the postevening goes for intoxication
To forget the pain we can't bear
To let echo the hymn just as we want to hear
In our lives in holes dreaming a day of no suffocation

Scattered all over the floor
Lie our stories, our cores
Calming down in the stupor of night
Fading away in dimming sight

Whether a walk down the street
Or moments shattered of grief
Wondering what makes our destiny
Value of our struggle in vanity

In this lull of the night
And the scorch of the day
We are dying together
on our mud, on this clay.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Purple Blaze

Point blank guessing what to do
As we cruise our way through
Every line tends to bend
This road doesn't seem to end.

Our smoke haloes the horizon
Evening marks the end of morning sun
But glances chase into the infinity
With hand of friend is hand of dignity

Its night but no darkness yet
Our words have no spaces left
Cross fades every voice in the song
Who believes in the haze of dawn?

In a shot i find the blend
Purple, sand, green and my friends
This pause has a dream in it
Scriptures might bring it.

On the lakes and on the peaks
Ducks, ferns, cold and fragility
Plunge into the pool of thoughts
And i recover the souls i have got.

With smile the story starts
Another trip of narration embarks
The ghosts and the gods pass
But every moment of enigma lasts.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Dark Times

Spending my days to bring faith in man of lost hope
Turn around watch the footsteps of your own battle
In an era that surpassed all the personal feelings
Died that man in his own venomous dealings

Never did the blaze glow like a glory
But fanning the flames i keep myself alive
Outrageous fury of time promised to keep driving
Only to strangle later kept piling beneath all the lies

Haunted by the horror of evanescent laughters
The echoes still silently persist in my life
The soul might have crawled out someday
But my senses impaired or didn't anymore exist

Out from the trash groans every album of destruction
Hanging loosely on the gallows the flesh is still breathing
And stoned by the prolonged sadness oh it's eyes
Still stare clueless to it's own ironic skies


One Way

Like the simmering lava
Baby takes breaths in bursts
A gasp in to this world
A sigh out to die
Life in installments
Brings more death than life
Just let her live
Or just let her die.

A world in murky silence of absence
A strength that buds more punishment
A complication of persistence
Lets alone the victor to graveyard
Sophistication of simplicity fails
A long way alone may lose on its own
Let it a home
Or just leave it alone.

An illusion of sickness
In a dream of freedom
A bird with no wings
In a cage with doors open
A run into resistance
Or rejection of existence
Let it be a strong truth
Or let it be a happy lie.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Last Friend Of Mine

If this world starts to shake with tremors of apprehension
And all of a sudden crumbles under the weight of reasons
If i turn pale, grey, cold-a still of frozen expression
And if i break, put myselves down refusing to change with seasons
How long will you remember me?
Will you cry, will you laugh or will you just pass by?

Sometimes i wonder what am i worth?
Sometimes i wonder how it would have felt
The first breath after birth
They tell me not to get serious or weird but
Sometimes it doesn't seem to be a mirth
Sometimes i wonder if i'll ever be able to guess your girth

It's good it's blue, it's good it's you
I wish to walk the enlightened pace you do
But i wonder what after all i'll be running to?
I seem to be misled are you too? No.
Why some wishes are so easily washed away in roars?
Like the lines on the sands of shore.

You are the first and the last friend of mine
That's why i talk to you a lot
That's why i talk all that i feel and all i deal
Let's sit by the fireplace and have some wine
And in a classic conversation tell me all the secrets you've got
Tell me if it's all just illusion and pain or there is something real.

"You have got hidden tresures behind curtains of courage and painstaking."
"You have got life, the life you wish, life with purpose and awakening."
"You have got blissful love behind the walls of loss and misery."
"You have got journeys and voyages with breathtaking mysteries."
"But even when you are the first and the last friend of mine"
"I have to be fair it's not as easy as this fireplace and wine"

With the pleasure of wine the fire did extinguish with time
But after the long conversation my eyes did sparkle with shine
She wished me good luck and left
Now i knew her much better than i could have ever
What i have right now is all that i need to deserve and conquer
And yes i'll be remembered ever if i love her with love that could last forever!

I thank her everday
The first and the last friend of mine,
My love, my lover!


For Tomorrow

Someone said write your story
But i don't understand my glory
Hell there will be life one day
Not like the trance one today

Soar my voice soar
Let it grow to roars
And echo back to me
The mysteries i did unfold

May i see my blindness through
One day to the age of fire
And i shall lay my corpse
Like an effigy on the pyre

Destroy the heap for another leap
Because there must be lights one day
And i must stand in proud
To have lit the darkness of yesterday.


Monday, June 9, 2008

I am (edited)

i stand in awe
i stand surprised
wondering how i bring
souls back to life!

i look at the fingers
what trick do they play
then i stare blank
what pottery of clay!

I dive in the oceans
Escaping the fence
And astound to discover
The gleam of gems.

On limits I shield
My land from offence
And exercise my wield
To what monolithic defense!

But i smirk not
to let you know
the wonder i have
of pure white snow.

And i talk to myself
the mystery i am
then amazed by self
i know i am!


Sunday, June 8, 2008


waters raised and then
there were floods
no dead bodies no blood
but there were floods

dark as they are
deep as they can be
suspended in them i lay
sunk in the floods

what did i do wrong
pondering over death
of another mine
which was once me!
But the floods came
and they wiped everthing
the remains of my existence lay
scars might fade some day

but my soil was fertile now
though carried away a bit
but my farms were clear now
they say floods bring a new greenary
and only in this hope i watch
with my eyes wide open searching
what greenary might have brought for me.
Floods might have left another life for me.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Unfair Life

lost in the last summer
was a toy
today i have found it
but no joy

the time changed
and so did i
i smiled in sadness
and refrained "its life"

in river i search for
the pebbles i threw
but the dark water seems
to have all chewed

so i take the pen
to write everything
but to the unfairness of life
i had no ink

atlast i breathe out
and in this sigh i lose
all my words now
left to you to choose.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Season Of Spring

Season of spring brought me the season of love
I met my old friend and the memories dove
I looked in her eyes, we smiled a reciprocating love
Hand in hands we sat together to see the world above

Years had passed since we last met she didn’t know what to say
Years I’ve suffered since then and I didn’t know what to tell
She heard my long silence and held me tight
I closed my eyes and she made every moment light

I sat close to her and the lovesome warmth I felt
She whispered with soothing voice and I heard the emotions melt
I gently put my head on her shoulders, heavily I breathe
While her curly tresses danced in beauty of zephyr breeze

With love, life and affection she filled my silent space
A caress touch of hers and all my pain effaced
I opened my eyes and gazed at her serene face
She smiled and I told her she occupies a special place

Till night we swung in thoughts and talks and bill and coo
And we dreamed of our world like the lovers usually do
And we talked and we laughed and we dropped the long held tears
And we shared and we lived and we hugged the long held love of years

Now I remember my love and I smile with life
She invigorated my being with a new life
Season of spring is the season of beauty, peace and love
Season of spring gave me back my long lost love.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lazy Dreams!

Mushy loose creature
Lying there on dull bed
Into the deep slumber
With thoughts entwined
And messed up wings
There you see
Me and my lazy dreams!

Everything gulped into silence
Black hole for love, logic and violence
Gravity for all with potential to fall
Unconscious conscience surrounded by high walls
There you see labyrinth lines
In-between lie unrecognized
Me and my lazy dreams!

Under the cover they lie evergreen
Opaque shell hides the humid realms
Far from reality breathe my dreams
Playing in my head with seasonal winds
Adrenalin my virtual nerves
And then they shine
Me and my lazy dreams!

Time and spaces with a deadline
But another minute of zizz is not a crime
Away from light and phenonmena of life
In a world of chaos- random and absurd
But somehow engraved in sands of peace
There lie woven in one all the piece
Me and my lazy dreams!

My sister says "sometimes you need just a word of awakening."
Seeking to escape through pacific mundaneness
With the hope of a vigrous shaking
Looking above with anticipating eyes
Into the skies sometimes they fly high
Just one word and life is nigh
For me and my lazy dreams!


Thursday, January 31, 2008


Just like a closed hidden box of feelings,
Somewhere in the eternity I lie.
I am a feeling that drives you crazy,
But you never know what it is like.

I lie ambiguously, somewhere in the space and time,
I am that very verse of the poem that you rhyme.

I am the pebble you lost as a kid and went insane,
You found hundreds of those but none were the same.

I am the description of the beautiful waterfall…
Which you have seen but you cannot recall.

I am the music that you keep murmuring,
But you don't know the words and keep wondering.

I am the reason that made you smile,
The reason that you forget after a while.

I am like the breeze come and gone,
That leaves you with warmth alone.

I am the moment that has just passed,
The moment that you now realize was vast.

I am just like your last sigh of relief
Which was nothing more, than a belief!!!